Insurance and T&Cs

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Our goods in transit insurance is provided by Basil Fry – the Uk’s leading removals insurance brokers, unlike many of our competitors it is ‘All Risk’, meaning we do not need pre arranged inventories or signed documents.

There is a 2 hour minimum charge for all removals and deliveries. After the second hour, we charge by the half hour. We also charge for journey time to/from properties, if outside the central Brighton/Hove area.
We charge £12 if we have to enter the London congestion charge zone to reach any given destination provided by our customer. Any other road or bridge tolls will also be added to the bill.
We accept payment by card or cash, the driver will carry a card payment handset. Payments must given to our driver after the move is completed, unless invoicing has been previously arranged. If a booking is cancelled less than 36 hours prior to start time we reserve the right to charge the 2 hour minimum rate quoted. Unless extenuating circumstances are discussed with the company.
We are extremely careful when handling, loading, moving and unloading our customers goods but we accept no responsibility for loss or damage to property after a move. It is our customers responsibility to pack items securely in strong boxes with the tops & bottoms taped. We can assemble/dis assemble but cannot be held responsible for these items, unless you wish for us to assemble them from new.
Please ensure all glass items (mirrors, table tops, ornaments, pictures etc) are securely wrapped in bubble wrap and boxed/protected with cardboard. Pictures should be wrapped securely around the whole frame (to give frame strength) firstly with paper (to stop paints sweating) and with bubble wrap on the front and back to cushion the glass. We cannot be held responsible for unprotected lamps, glassware, mirrors or pictures.
To ensure everything is all protected and packed correctly please ask about our FULL, PART or FRAGILE packing service.
It is our customers responsibility to make sure all items are moved from the property which we will carry out a final ‘walk around’ with you to double check. Any small items like keys to cabinets need to be carefully stored separately so as they are not thrown out with packing paper etc. Keys to cabinets are not our responsibility as they can easily get mixed up with other keys and confused.
If quotes are carried out over the telephone or by email then it is the customers responsibility to make sure we are informed of all items needing to be moved to assess how many vans we need to send etc. If an incomplete list is given then some items may be left behind.
Any items not included in the list to be moved when we carry out our initial survey may be left or moved at an additional cost.
If you have booked a one man team and he deems an object too heavy or dangerous to lift alone or with unprofessional (uninsured) help the item will be left. It is our drivers responsibility to make sure the van is not overloaded and therefore unsafe and if there is a possibility of this then please book two vans or a lorry..
If a lift is to be used in any apartment blocks then please arrange permission and a lift key from the caretaker to block off the lift to avoid damage to the lift.
We carry goods in transit insurance which is ‘all risk’ type, this means we do not need an inventory of goods to be moved. It is ‘all risk’ and covers all of our moves, whether that is a single item or a complete house move. Our insurance brokers are Basil Fry. We are insured for up to £20,000 per van load.
Our Goods in transit insurance ONLY covers items being carried by Hero Removals employees.
We cannot carry hazardous or flammable substances so please make sure these are not packed or they will be left behind. If any are on board this will invalidate our Insurance.
It is our customers responsibility to book an appropriate parking spot to load and unload goods. Otherwise the closest legal parking may be used. Any parking fines or parking charges will be charged to the customer.
We are always punctual and reliable but we cannot always guarantee that we’ll arrive at a given destination on time due to on/ off road circumstances out of our control. In these rare occurrences we will endeavour to provide an accurate ETA to keep you informed.
We will not tolerate and will prosecute customers who abuse or physically harm our staff. All our phone calls are recorded.
If a job is booked on the hourly rate then we charge from arrival time to load (plus any travel time if arranged) until the van is unloaded, blankets are folded and the van is checked to be 100% empty.
We try keep our fixed price removals quotes as low as possible and we would have quoted the move with a maximum ‘key wait’ of approx 1 hour after we have finished loading. Any time over this may be charged at the relevant hourly.
Due to Health & Safety and to ensure no customers items are damaged throughout the move all blankets will be folded as we work.